Fees and Appointments

My initial appointment and diagnosis session is £50 and this includes patient registration. Subsequent sessions are £40 and includes other therapies such as cupping, moxa, guasha, taping and electro acupuncture, which are utilised as required. Your first appointment will last between two to two and half hours as I will need a full case history of all relevant factors including diet, medical history, lifestyle, sleeping patterns and any other factors that contribute towards your current state of health. Subsequent treatments will take about 45 minutes to one hour.

Length of Teatment

The number of treatments required and frequency will differ from person to person. We will review treatment and progress regularly. Some people will feel considerably better after three to four treatments, for others it can take longer. As your treatments will be targeting the root cause rather than your symptoms you may find other things improve first. Many people notice that they may sleep better or observe differences in their general health or mood before they feel any changes to their main symptoms.

Please note: Unfortunately, cards cannot be accepted so cash or cheques only please.